Backup Log Entry

Below is more detailed information from the log entry selected. Depending on the type of backup, some fields will not apply. Below the basic stats there are log comments that are visible to someone executing the backup script from the command-line. The backup script is primarily executed automatically by the system.

Backup Details

  • log id: 33014
  • date: 27-nov-2021
  • time: 2:45 am
  • backup type: databases
  • backup file: rd-databases-backup-20211127.sql
  • file size: 555.14m
  • database: russell_dyerhouse
  • number of tables: 403
  • number of rows: 9794652
  • number of pages: n/a
  • number of images: n/a
  • number of files: n/a
  • script: backup_database.plx
  • utility: mysqldump
  • backup successful: yes
  • removed old file: yes

Log Comments

Russell's Personal Site Database Backup
The russell_dyerhouse database contains 13 tables, 3487310 rows

Copying database to rd-databases-backup-20211127.sql.
Successfully copied database.
Removed old backup file, rd-databases-backup-20211122.sql.
There were 0 errors.

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