A Silent Killdeer Publishing Site Maintenance

The web site for A Silent Killdeer Publishing has flat HTML web pages. It does not use a database. Below on the left are the policies related to making regularly back-ups of those pages. On the right are back-ups for the past week. Click on a gray name of a back-up file to see more details.

Back-Up Policy

  • backup type: pages
  • filename pattern: as-pages-backup-yyyymmdd.tar.gz
  • frequency: weekly
  • day scheduled: every
  • time: 1:00 am
  • pages: 8 images: 28
  • excluded:images directory

Visitor Countries

Countries from which users have accessed domain for past month.

Recent Back-Ups


date:  20-sep-2020;  type: pages;  file size: 17.37K

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